About our tests

Bäst-i-Test.se is an independent consumer website currently available in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We perform product tests and present the results here to you, the consumer, free of charge.

Our philosophy around product testing is simple: experts perform the tests and give you the benefit of their ratings and reviews!

Anyone who has ever worked with product development knows that a product rarely works in practice how the developer intended. Measurements taken in test labs don’t usually reality. This is because there are so many more parameters influencing product properties in reality than it is possible to measure in a laboratory environment. As well as weather, wind and temperature, the user's behaviour, expectations, frame of reference and other environmental factors affect the experience and handling of the product.

This means that a product needs to be taken out of the controlled environment of a test lab to be evaluated in line with how it will be used during a normal day. To properly carry out this assessment requires experience and know-how within the specific product genre, providing vital insights into the product that the test lab can never replicate; expert knowledge, feeling and intuition. Quite simply, specialist knowledge! This is the foundation of our approach, which enables us to use talented professionals as advisors and testers when evaluating products. Their experience helps us to find the best and most affordable products for you, the consumer.

For example, we ask skilled cleaners to use the vacuum cleaners we test. When we test straighteners, professional hairdressers use them in their everyday work. When we test self-tanning products, we ask skilled beauticians to use the products in batches and on different skin types for the best results. Overalls for children are tested for several months in different day care centres, lawn mowers mow mile after mile of grass and strollers are pushed over tarmac, gravel and soil – with a child in, of course! Our expert testers use their knowledge to provide you, the consumer, with relevant and practical insights that help you decide which product to buy.

The products we test are therefore used during the expert's daily work environment and life, instead of tests performed in a fictitious, controlled environment in a laboratory. In this way, the product tests mirror reality. This allows us to give you better buying advice as a consumer.

Our tests enjoy such a high reputation with product manufacturers that several of them use our awards in their marketing materials. So you may have seen our logo or our domain names in advertising on the internet, TV or in the newspaper.

How can we be independent and at the same time financed by advertising? 

How can we be independent while having ads with advertising on the page? Well, we are careful to separate the advertisers and testers. Advertisers can’t affect the outcome of a test; these results test are paramount. Nor do our testers have any influence over the ads that appear on the site. Nor do our advertisers have any idea of the identity of our testers, who are therefore completely independent of external influences.
So you can rely on the objectivity of our tests, despite the ads. This advertising is intended to cover our costs for carrying out the tests and maintaining the site, so that our readers can continue to take advantage of our recommendations free of charge.

Who are we?

The Bäst-i-Test.se team are engineers with a background in product development, who also love thoughtful, high quality, extensive product testing. We started Bäst-i-Test.se because we felt there was a need for a consumer site that had both depth and breadth, with many different products. We hope you find our reviews both useful and enjoyable!