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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that your browser saves in the memory of your computer or mobile phone. A cookie can be temporarily active or active during a specific time. We care about your privacy, and no personal information such as e-mail-addresses or names are saved about the visitors.

Cookies on our website

The types of cookies that we use on our website are:

Session cookies: Temporarily stored in the computer memory disappears when you close your browser. An ID code is generated that will temporarily remember the visitor so that the choices you make on the website are valid for the entire visit.

Statistics cookies: Used to measure traffic date and browsing behaviour for example if you visited our site before and to create an understanding of how visitors use and navigate through the site.

Advertising cookies: Registers which pages you visit and the links you clicked. These collect information about your browsing experience and remember the sites you have visited. We and third parties may use this information to monitor user activity on our site and to customise the ads to be more relevant to you and your interests.

Social media cookies: Buttons on our website allow you to share content on social media. These services place third party cookies on our website.

Turning off cookies

If you don't want to allow your computer or mobile phone to save cookies, you can change this in your browser settings. You can even delete the cookies stored in your web browser during previous sessions. If you choose not to accept cookies, it can limit the website’s functionality.

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